Single, 2-day orienteering competition!

O-Friends Open 2016. - 05th-06th November 2016.

Competition in orienteering, organized by members of the OK Sova with the help of friends from PVSK, Pecs, Hungary. Entry fees are purposely low, but will not affect the quality of maps or organization! Maps will be printed on waterproof paper, commemorative awards and the track for the end of the season! Both days will be held competition at shorten long distance. The map was drawn in 2016 in May at a scale of 1: 10000, e =5. They drew it Sokolář Zdeněk, Jan Drbal and Vištejn Jiří from the Czech Republic!


Fast continentall type of terrain with plenty of streams and erosion gullys which will require high level of orienteering technique. 


Friend race