O-Friends Open 2016. - Invitation

Organization:  Orienteering club “Sova” (OC “Owl”), Šećerana, Croatia

Event director: Nikola Pajčin 

Planner of the courses: Andras Kersity

Dates and  types competition:

05.11.2016. – 12:00 -  shorten long distance

06.11.2016. – 10:00 – shorten long distance 

About competition: Our competition is the product of good cooperation between the two orienteering clubs from the two neighboring countries, with the aim of developing orienteering!


Important dates and zero start time:

30.10.2016. – Entry deadline
05.11.2016. – 1st stage (shorten long distance), first start at 12:00
06.11.2016. – 2nd stage (shorten long distance), first start at 10:00


Našice, Croatia


Men: 12,14,16,20,21A,21B,35,40,45,50,55,60,65
Women: 12,14,16,20,21A,21B,35,40,45,50,55,65
In case of few entries organizer can join certain categories.


Drawn in 2016 (May) according to latest ISOM standards by experienced Czech Republic mapmaker and printed on high-quality waterproof paper.


Fast continentall type of terrain with plenty of streams and erosion gullys which will require high level of orienteering technique.


Registration for O-Friends Open can be made on http://www.orienteeringonline.net/CompetitionBasicInfo.aspx?CompetitionID=2922 or e-mail adress npoksova@gmail.com.

Entry fee

Entry fee per stage - 2€ - for all categories

Late entries are possible only if there are enough vacant places. All entries can be paid in cash upon arrival.

In cash upon arrival to event office. No cash sending by post.


Awards for best three in overall ranking.


Electronic system SportIdent. Price for renting SI-card is 2€ per stage. Loss of rented SI-card will be charged 50€.


All competitors take part in the event at their own risk. We recommend you to have travel insurance.

Additional information

Look up on web sites competition http://o-friendsopen.simplesite.com/

Additional information is also available by e-mail: npoksova@gmail.com